Cloud computing technologies are new means and ways to gain an edge over the competitions. Today we have various types of computing devices such as desktops, laptops, consoles, smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. Creating a private network or taking help of traditional web servers are not ways to justify all such devices with their native, safe, and mobility experiences.

In such scenario, cloud computing offers feasible and viable solutions to consolidate all modern IT services for a business of any scale in a centralized infrastructure over the Internet across the globe. Cloud services are charging as per usage so prove most economical option against available technologies or services in the market. Besides these, cloud services offer distinct advantages including:

  • FlexibilityFlexibility
  • Disaster-proof servicesDisaster-proof services
  • software and hardware updatesAutomatic software and hardware updates
  • Enhanced collaborationEnhanced collaboration
  • MobilityMobility

These all make cloud services ideal solutions for the modern businesses whether they are startups, small and medium businesses (SMBs), or large enterprises.

Cloud247 is a leading certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) in Canada to address ever increasing needs of Microsoft cloud solutions development and services in different cities of Canada including Toronto. We offer various Microsoft cloud services including:

If back office management of your Canadian business or organization involves the use of Microsoft Office software, then Office 365 is a perfect cloud service for you because:

  • It offers mobility due to its device agnostic characteristic so you can access your office tools on any smartphone or tablet with iOS, Android, or Windows Phone operating system
  • Brings tools for your Canadian professionals such as email client, Instant Messenger, social networking, and video conferences
  • It encourages collaboration within team or with outsiders by offering awesome sharing tools for files, folders, calendars, and multimedia content
  • It provides a huge storage space of one TB
  • It cuts cost of MS Office software and hardware setup by offering cloud services rates as per usage for a given period

These are very reasons for that MS office suite for the desktop are exhibiting fewer sales than Cloud Office Management Suite. If you would like to join in such cloud trends, we welcome you to our Office 365 Management services for the sake of your betterment!

We know all businesses in Canada cannot afford dedicated hosting except some giant ecommerce businesses and world scale big enterprises with huge needs.

Thus, virtual servers or Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting is the most feasible solution for the majority of SMBs and ecommerce businesses in Canada.

Thus, we offer top-of-the-line VPS Cloud Hosting services at highly competitive rates in Canada with following offerings:

  • Our virtual server services are elastic, flexible, and scalable so you can spin resources up & down in a moment’s notice
  • You need to pay only for what you use by resource-based billing system
  • Our virtual servers provide enhanced resilience against downtime
  • You can control all aspects of your virtual server from control panel, which is using Hyper-V manager like powerful software
  • We offer a range of IPs and Geo-locations to isolate and protect your websites, web applications, or web services

We offer four standard cloud deployment models for varying needs of Canadian businesses as per their requirements.

  • Public Cloud Deployment Services for the highest degree of cost saving and least overheads
  • Private Cloud Deployment Services for organizations in Canada where security and privacy concerns have paramount importance
  • Hybrid Cloud Deployment Services for flexibility and bespoke requirements of medium to large enterprise flourishing in Canada
  • Community Cloud Deployment Services for shared common requirements multiple organizations or a community

Cloud services used to leave you with less control over your data, so you need to have specific software and tools to monitor it all.

Therefore, our cloud monitoring services provide flexible solutions and adjust automatically according to the configuration changes of the respective cloud services including Microsoft Cloud services, AWS services, and so on.

Our cloud monitoring services comprising of following key features:

  • Tracking of virtual server instance
  • Trigger event and notifications in case of server failure
  • Oversee web servers, databases, mail servers, TCP ports, and SSH access
  • Add monitors and notifications automatically for newly added servers
  • Avoid time-consuming setups for end-user monitoring services

Of course, we can start new cloud services within moments, but cannot move existing services or client-server applications with few clicks. We need to address data migration issues, application performance issues, and overall security issues while migration from legacy web servers to modern cloud services.

Cloud247 has Microsoft cloud solutions experts with cloud migration expertise to lead your Canadian organizations through this migration journey smoothly and gracefully so you can avoid connectivity, performance, and compatibility issues easily and in the cheaper ways.

We provide a standard, repeatable methodologies and reference architecture for smooth migration plan for applications, data, OS, and configurations.

Database administration becomes costly and daunting when we have global users from various locations. Cloud services are the best bet to address worldwide requirements to share, store, and collect vital data.

Our database administration services are capable of addressing huge data in TB with SQL and NoSQL databases. We are focusing on security configuration, performance, and continuity.

Database monitoring in the cloud is just more than basic IT infrastructure and database monitoring.

Therefore, we provide software and services to keep track of the health, availability, and performance of SQL and NoSQL database instances on the cloud.

Our Application Manager covers CPU utilization, database connections, storage counts, storage used, object counts, table counts, network traffic, network latency, and so on.

When you host a website or web application on the cloud, you need cloud-specific tools to monitor your server for performance, availability, visibility and security.

Fortunately, we have all required software and expertise to offer you at affordable rates.

If you have decided to leverage cloud services for your server deployment for your website or web application, provisioning the existing infrastructure and application manually or with semi-automated methods is daunting.

Therefore, our server deployment services make your tasks easy and rapid by using 100 plus PaaS patterns and other options for SaaS, DBaaS, and MBaaS.

Cloud247 takes pattern-driven approaches to integrating and automated middleware and databases to help you in server deployment with speed, performance, and minimum errors.

With our server colocation services, we save you from spending on hosting server, network, hardware, and software. Cloud247 has enough Rackspace and data centers to address any scale of your server colocation needs.

We offer flexibility to manage your servers with full control and in professionally managed data centers. We have adequate bandwidth and power provisions to address challenges and mishaps.

Hosted application is service model of cloud services, and we provide such services at premium rates.

We offer similar functionality experiences on the browser that you can gain with a desktop application.

Thus, we save you from various issues and expenditure on operating systems, hardware, and software for the application.

We offer automatic and easy updates, and patches with the stable version of application through our technical and customer support teams.

With DaaS, we host the backend of your virtual desktop infrastructure on the cloud and give you freedom from managing IT infrastructure and staff for it.

  • We add values to your hosted desktops by enriching SMB experiences with access to secure mobile device management
  • We offer secure file sync and share
  • With pay-as-you-go model, we offer you the most economical solutions
  • We offer scalable and stable platform for thousands of workplaces

Cloud247 offers a self-service model of the cloud to access, monitor, and manage remote data center infrastructure for your organization. We offer different computing resources including virtualized or bare metal, storage, networking, and network services.

Thus, cloud computing experts at Cloud247 can save you from buying computing hardware outright as well as resources for maintenance, upgrade, and scaling it all. Our services are fully monitored and managed round-the-clock by addressing stringent SLAs.

Technically, PaaS service is one step ahead from IaaS by providing additional development tools and infrastructure.

We make the software application development, testing, and deployment easy, quick, and cost-efficient offering required development frameworks through our PaaS services.

  • You need not buy expensive software licenses, underlying application infrastructure, middleware, and development tools
  • You can cut development time to attend time-to-market deadlines
  • You may have the latest and sophisticated development tools
  • You can address multiple platforms including mobile
  • Your team can work from any location across the globe

SaaS is at the top of cloud services and one step ahead from PaaS by providing software or application ready to use without download and installation and through browsers.

  • You would have everything under your control to manage including applications, runtime, middleware, OS, virtualization, storage, servers, and network with our SaaS services
  • You can find CRM, ERP, HRM, and CMS like applications ready to use as per your bespoke needs
  • We have provided banking solutions, lending process solutions, payment solutions, and so many others in line running successfully

We provide end-to-end cloud migration services for various options including:

  • Re-hosting
  • Private to private cloud
  • Private to virtual server
  • Virtual to virtual server
  • Public to public cloud
  • Public to private cloud
  • Private to public cloud

In due course, we provide

  • Cloud assessment and consulting services
  • Discovery services
  • Migration services
  • Ongoing management and maintenance services

It is true that Backup as a Service (BaaS) or Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) existing for backup and many organizations are selecting service providers with intense research.

However, finding the right provider for you may prove daunting exercise, so we are the best bet in this regard.

  • We use somewhat hybrid approaches for on-premise data backup and off-site cloud DR storage
  • We use the latest data backup technologies including variable length de-duplication to reduce storage and bandwidth issues

Pay-as-per-usage is the best pricing model or metering model for cloud services, so we follow utility cloud computing model to get maximum with the least expenditure.

In due course, we offer cloud calculators to offer ease in the selection of cloud service options, deployment options, components, and variants selections.

  • You can find charges to expect for your cloud service selection
  • You would be billed based on the consumption of resources, selected options for billing, and pricing

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