Cloud Computing Growth & Popularity in 2017 – Infographic

Cloud adoption indicates the wave of next-generation digital business. With the cloud, businesses get agile, scalable, and elastic IT/software/hardware solutions, which are beyond the imagination. Let’s check growth and popularity of cloud computing in 2017.

cloud adoption

Projected Increase in Cloud Adoption

  • Projected increase in the growth and revenues of the leading cloud providers like Microsoft and Amazon indicates favorable trends
  • Projected budgeting and spending on cloud services are significantly high among enterprises that indicate the possibility of higher cloud adoption rate
  • Obvious maturity in cloud adoption reflects the increased adoption rate in different types of cloud models

Increasing Trends of Spending On IaaS

For software and hardware needs, organizations seeking public cloud IaaS services and projected spending on IaaS are in multiple folds in the next decade.

Cloud App – A New Norm for Enterprises

Enterprises/organizations are planning for cloud adoption within one year to three years, and nearly 70% have at least on the application running on a cloud.

Cloud Adoption for Data Needs

Percentage of data storage, data analytics, and data management services are higher in the list of currently migrating service categories to the cloud. The trends follow the services planning in one year and three-year plans.

Cloud Adoption Rate for Different Cloud Services

Cloud adoption rate for private, hybrid, and enterprise cloud is significantly higher, and nearly 28% organizations are allocating dedicated IT budgets for the adoption of different cloud services including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

Usage of Cloud API

With the increased cloud adoption, the usage of cloud API is increasing, and nearly 46% organizations integrate cloud API with databases, messenger systems, and storage systems while rests of usage are following the trends.

Cloud Migration in Next 18 Months

Predictions for cloud-based IT infrastructure are indicating an increase from 45% to 60% for different types of cloud models including private, public, and hybrid clouds.


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