15 Reasons Why Cloud Adoption is Very Important for Business Success

Cloud services enable modern businesses to break barriers of traditional practices and bring innovations at a rapid pace with many affordable ways. Besides these, the cloud offers myriads of reasons for that modern business should tempt to adopt it quickly and at a mature level.

cloud adoption

In simple term, cloud computing is the computing based on the web/the Internet. Cloud computing gives broad scopes to the businesses to thrive and flourishing by removing myriads of constraints such as:

1. Space: With cloud services, we need not allocate spaces for internal infrastructure like intranet, hosting, and so on.

2. Hardware infrastructure: You can save on additional storage, computing devices, servers, and so on. You can take benefits of IaaS services of cloud computing.

3. Operating systems: Need not to run after licenses of different OS for your computing devices because PaaS can solve all with one shot.

4. Required Software: Customized software including proprietary and open source applications, extensions, plugins, components, and everything required to develop and run software applications using SaaS services on the cloud.

5. Network: Since everything on the web and connected to the Internet network across the globe, you need not spend any penny on establishing intranet or any form of local network.

6. Database: The costliest affairs is creating storage facilities and running various types of databases, database management software, and data availability. You can take additional benefits by subscribing DaaS or DataBase as a Service from the cloud.

7. Connectivity: Since everything on the web, only Internet connections required to connect as well as communicate your team, customers, or both.

8. Hosting: As cloud services consisting of numerous servers with required OS, hardware, and software, hosting is easy, cheaper, and with high quality.

9. Availability: To access cloud services, you must have an Internet connection, nothing else. Thus, you would have round-the-clock availability of cloud services without any mishap or crash.

10. Security: Cloud has own security arsenals and protection measures in different grades such as public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud services/packages.

And so many other aspects of modern computing requirements

Cloud Adoption Among Businesses

According to an international study, nearly 70% organizations and businesses across the globe have any form of cloud strategy. For instance:,

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud (At customer’s site & at provider’s site)
  • Conventional deployment (Onsite)

However, cloud adoption takes place gradually, and we can define different steps to attain cloud maturity. If you look at the statics of survey, you may find that cloud adoption levels are varying at different steps. For example:

  • Ad Hoc Cloud Adoption – 32%
  • Opportunistic Cloud Adoption – 11%
  • Repeatable Cloud Adoption – 16%
  • Managed Cloud Adoption – 8%
  • Optimized Cloud Adoption – 1%

The same study has revealed economic benefits of cloud adaptability, and according to their resources, businesses are earning $1.6 million as additional revenue.

The most significant reasons for that businesses are tempting to adopt cloud services could be listed following ways:

11. Considerable Improvement in Agility

As we know cloud services like IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, and SaaS-enable enterprises or organizations to develop and deploy various applications at a rapid pace than any traditional method without much spending on infrastructure.

It ultimately reduces associated costs and gives room for innovations using the latest technologies for design, programming, testing, deployment, and maintenance/upgrade.

Thus, it improves agility in sum.

12. Enhancements in Overall Productivity

Cloud services bring absolute mobility in the organization. Thus, it offers total freedom to the employees to access the applications from anywhere, at any time, and on any device with adequate security.

Therefore, staff can work from anywhere including home, office, and field. Your customers can access your applications across the globe at any time. It cumulatively improves employees’ productivity and customer satisfactions in bonus.

With cloud services, business automation becomes easy and cost-effective so your organization might see more revenues at the end.

13. Risk Mitigation

By nature, cloud services keep data in more than one location and recovery or restoration of operations of an application is taking place at rocket speed, so it minimizes the risk of any kind with this automatic backup system. It saves you from any unplanned downtime and data recovery.

14. Cost Savings On Infrastructure

Based on your plan, cloud services add or remove hardware and other infrastructure automatically when your application on cloud demands more resources or wants to cut unnecessary resources.

Therefore, automatic scalability of cloud infrastructure enables your application to bear any stiff increase in traffic and requests without any additional cost of overprovision up front.

Thus, it provides you a consistent platform to work with any level of fluctuations in demands of infrastructural resources and expenditure.

15. Open Source Benefits

Cloud harbors proprietary as well as open-source infrastructural components such as LAMP stake or Linux based servers and other resources. Therefore, it can avail you open source benefits with the latest technologies and tools.

Technically, cloud-enabled open source granted you infrastructure cost advantages and removed the hypervisor costs. Moreover, it offers technical advantages aligned with a big resources pool of code base that can be re-purposed.


By overview of all given advantages of cloud computing adoption in business, we can conclude that cloud services can enable the modern business to sustain as well as open the doors for further advancements.

Since technologies are witnessing rapid changes and advancement, small to medium businesses hardly can afford a high level of infrastructural facilities to keep pace with it.

At other hands, the cloud comes with the latest technologies, tools, and services and available to all with highly affordable and comprehensive charges. Therefore, startups and small scale entrepreneurs love cloud offerings the most and rapidly adopt cloud services at all levels of operations.

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