Cloud247 is an amalgamation of talented software engineers, creative designers, expert business analysts & strategists, the web and mobile geeks, scrappy hardware engineers with the latest tech expertise, and a handful of rebellious professionals to bring fresh air for innovations! Everybody from Canada and work for the betterment of Canada.

Cloud247 has passed a journey of half decade (5 Years!) by respecting the demands of time, tech innovations, and preferences of people of Canada and the world whole. We have begun our journey as software solution providing company before five years and today are listing the top cloud services providing companies in Canada and the entire region.

Size of Team

Size of Team

In the beginning, we were a team of a few IT experts. Fortunately, today we are more than 35 numbers of professionals. If you ask ‘What we have achieved during the entire journey?’

Of course, we have accumulated talents to stay with us for long, so we run non-exhaustive training to update their knowledge, skills, and techniques to adapt upcoming tech revolutions on the IT horizons.

Satisfied Patrons

Satisfied Patrons

We can say that today we have a long list of satisfied clients and among them, tens (10) are leading entities in Canada and always praising us whenever you ask them to opine regarding our work.

No doubt, we have delivered software solutions initially, then web and mobile solutions. Despite it all, our main focus is cloud computing services particularly, for Microsoft Cloud offerings, which we can tailor to your bespoke requirements.

Successful Deliverables

Successful Deliverables

If you want to gauge our talent and experiences, we produce 50 successful projects benefited to the small to medium and even large enterprise level businesses located in Canada and adjoining regions.

Yes, those projects are successful according to the definitions of our clienteles, not self-proclaimed. We have dedication to provide actual needs of businesses, the behavior of end-users in Canada and elsewhere, and make projects cost-effective in all aspects.

We offer a wide range of modern software development services such as web development, mobile app development, wearable app development, and chiefly, cloud computing services to give Canadian businesses and professional a leading edge in the competitive era.

Cloud comes with immense benefits. Canadian businesses are striving for it. Cloud considers as the next future in IT fields, software development fields, and IoT related services.

Therefore, Cloud247 has invested a good deal of money, resources, and time to take cloud wave at the next maturity levels. We have a diverse range of IT expertise to deal with unimaginable cloud computing related challenges.

Microsoft Cloud Services

We are a leading certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) company in Canada with desired expertise in various Microsoft Cloud services such as

  • Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Office Business Edition
  • Microsoft Office Business Essential
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Microsoft Dynamics

Cloud Services By-and-Large

We are a leading certified Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) company in Canada with desired expertise in various Microsoft Cloud services such as

  • Virtual Server Hosting
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Cloud Monitoring
  • Cloud Migration
  • Database Administration
  • Database Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Server Deployment
  • Server Colocation
  • Hosted Application
  • Desktop as a Services (DaaS)
  • Infrastructure as a Services (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Cloud Migration & Support
  • Backup Archive & Disaster Recovery Services in Cloud
  • Utility Cloud Computing

Our Canadian software developers are accustomed to business practices, industrial needs, and requirements of Canadian professionals. Therefore, we have delivered various software solutions meeting bespoke needs of all in Canada and across the globe.

Right from the beginning, Cloud247 is a web development company providing full-cycle web design and web programming services for diverse needs of Canadian businesses and industries.

Therefore, we offer website design and development services for static as well as dynamic website development. Using the latest web programming technologies, we serve high-end and large-scale web applications, web portal, and ecommerce stores running online to serve Canadian target audience as well as worldwide audience using desktops and mobile Internet devices.

Now, smartphones and tablets are common things for Canadian population, so we are witnessing heavy traffic comes from mobile devices for ecommerce businesses as well as for mobile app usages.

Therefore, mobile app developers at Cloud247 are providing impeccable mobile app designing and programming services to address custom needs of Canadian clients who want apps developed in Canadian contexts.

Therefore, you may find high downloading rates for iPhone apps, iPad apps, Android smartphone apps, Android tablets apps, Windows Mobile applications, and cross-platform apps of all categories and niches.

We have achieved big applauds from the Canadian industries and businesses for adding real values in their businesses.

We never leave our patrons at the mercy of others once we deploy their web identity on the web. Our expert website maintenance staff and Internet marketing professionals such as SEO experts, SMO developers, paid marketers, and other teams are ready to serve Canadian clients at highly affordable rates and with guaranteed results.